December 9, 2022

GAU Underwater Research

Centre report on Kalecik

“There is no element which will affect negatively on marine life and human health”

The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources – Hamit Bakırcı has hosted a committee from GAU Mediterranean Underwater Research 4Centre which undertook marine research following the oil spill in Kalecik.

Minister Bakırcı was presented with the research report by GAU Founding Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators – Serhat Akpınar and Vice-Chancellor of Board of Administrators – Olgun Üstün, Bihter Asena Yanar and Işıl Meydani of the Research Centre. The report indicates that there is no evidence of any negative effects on human health and marine life.

Minister Bakırcı stated in his speech that approximately 2 months ago they had reached a consensus on conducting this research and today the report presented by the Research Centre of the University together with scientists from Turkey is indeed gratifying. Bakırcı emphasized that the research was a significant contributor and thanked the University and the Research Centre for this contribution.2 Bakırcı, underlining that the research is pleasing in all aspects such as health, environment and visual, added that the Kalecik oil spill which had seemed to be a most disastrous problem for the country has now developed into a situation of relief for the community. The doubt of the people who are associated with the tourism sector, fishing and consuming marine products is now non-apparent as the results are announced.


GAU Founding Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators – Serhat Akpınar stated that GAU Underwater Research Centre has been 3conducting underwater research for a few months following the pollution which occurred in Kalecik and that the results of this research are quite a relief for the community. Akpınar stated that the results are welcome as there is no evidence of any pollution that will affect humans and marine life.


Kastamonu University Lecturer Certified Engineer on Aquaculture – Osman Sabri Kesbiç who held a presentation on behalf of GAU Underwater Research Centre, has stated that they have been conducting research since 1st November 2013 and that they have collected samples from the water, sea bed mud and fish. Kespiç underlined that the results provided from 1TRNC State Laboratories are in keeping with the global reference values and that there is no risk for water, mud and fish in the region.

Kespiç further stated in his speech that:

“Our results prove that the fish in that region and people who consume that fish will not be exposed to any toxin agent and it will have no negative effect on human health. Indeed this result is proved upon statistics. These figures are below the standard level as it is compared to references in USA and Turkey. This is a significantly relieving result for the community, as well as to us. Due to the accident that occurred it was indeed a disastrous event that caused the pollution of the sea. Nevertheless the result now certainly proves that after successful research there is no evidence of any possible negative effect on marine life or human life.”

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