December 6, 2022

Development at the British Bases freed

British bases contractA historical agreement was signed last week between Cyprus and Britain which will allow Cypriot owners of land in the British Bases, a total of 198 square kilometers, to use their property in any way they chose to for the first time in the last half century.

The agreement was signed by Minister for Foreign Affairs Ioannis Kasoulides and William Hague, in the presence of President Anastasiades who is currently in Britain for a four day visit with a group of ministers.

According to the agreement, which was made possible after about three months of negotiations, residents and owners of land in Akrotiri and Dekeleia will be able to develop their property without restriction over an area that essentially comprises about 78% of the British Bases. According to Politis newspaper, Britain is expecting Cyprus to support London’s proposals for changes in the European Union that would relegate some EU powers back to the member states.


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