August 9, 2022

In Memory of Brian Self

by Ralph Kratzer

DSC00444On Friday, the 17th January 2014, the former long-time Chairman and Honorary Member of the TFR, Brian Self, was buried in the International Cemetery in Kyrenia.

Members of the family, his partner Leonie and many friends and acquaintances gave him their last respects.

The various speeches that were held at the grave, reflected Brian’s life and personality.

He was an accepted journalist and artist and a recognized member of the expatriate community in Northern Cyprus. He devoted 10 years of his life to the founding and development of “The Foreign Residents” Association, but also enjoyed his life in his beloved adopted country and his home in Lapta with his wife Elke.

The unexpected death of his wife in 2011 was a deep cut in his life, but he found a new partner who shared many common interests with him and thus he could enjoy life again .

Heinz Nauroth, the Acting Chairman of the TFR mentioned inter alia in his speech at the grave of the deceased:

“Among other activities and hobbies, Brian was the leader, the chairman of “The Foreign Residents“ Association. For his commitment he became an honorary member of the TFR. He was always a part of our organization. Just two months ago he supported us and organized a special trip to Famagusta and everybody was pleased of his knowledge of history.”

DSC00453The relatives, sons and daughter of the deceased, and also his partner Leonie had previously asked the mourners to refrain from flowers at the grave and to donate instead to a charitable purpose.  So there was in the end a considerable sum collected for the “Children in Need” Foundation.  Thanks for this idea and to the people who made donations.

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