August 19, 2022

November In Your Cyprus Garden

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by greenfingers

Generally in northern Europe, Nerines flower at the end of summer but here in Cyprus they wait for the clocks to change before they share their beauty with us. If you want Amaryllis to flower for Christmas then Nerineyou should plant them now.

I recently planted some yellow ones which I haven’t seen before here in Cyprus. Plant them up in a peaty compost with their neck and shoulders above the soil in a large pot. Heavenly perfumed hyacinths and paperwhites should be planted up in shallow pots now as they make ideal gifts especially for those who have no garden. Leave the tops of the paperwhites Amaryllisabove the soil and don’t let them touch each other in the bowl or pot. Hyacinths should be planted a little deeper. Both these plants can be grown in water and there are special hyacinth vases for that purpose. You will be amazed at the rapid growth once planted.

A Hoya ‘Bella’ bought last year came entwined around a rigid plastic trellis, which was fine then. However it has grown somewhat during the year and needed to be re-potted. It took me a good half hour to disentangle it in order to pot it on into a larger pot and taller support.

Stephanotis is another plant that usually comes twined around a curved metal pole that causes similar problems.Stephanotis

Move more tender plants into protected areas away from any low night temperatures and wrap them in straw or some of the green material sold by garden centres, leaving some air to circulate around the plant.

There is still a little time for some veggie plug planting before the soil cools down completely, so choose your family favourites and get them in during the early part of the month. 

There is a plentiful supply of herbs in the garden centres to see you through the winter. You could put them in a sheltered spot or on your kitchen window sill if you live at higher elevations.

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