December 8, 2022

Pollution on Cypriot Shores

by Ralph Kratzer

Garbage, residual oil and waste water which is dumped into the open sea by certain vessels end up on Cypriot shores due to sea currents, creating serious pollution.

Sea PollutionAccording to a news report in “Yenidüzen”, waste which is dumped into the open sea in violation of International Maritime rules end up in Cyprus especially because of the currents off the northern shores and the gulf of Famagusta / Gazimağusa.

The Director of the Environmental Protection Department, Eşref Ünlüsoyer, said that every vessel undergoes strict inspections in all ports to make sure that the treatment of residual oils and waste water is carried out within the framework of the rules set by the International Maritime Organisation. He pointed out however that the Department has received five complaints within the last two months about residual oil dumping in the sea. Mr. Ünlüsoyer underlined that the ships involved in trafficking are the major pollutants of the seas.


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  1. greek side need to set up emergancy fire rescue and extinguishing response units or a system of controling the destructive fires that rage out of control from there side ,which they blame the turks for i hearing.


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