Cyprus, are you kidding?

By Chris Elliott

The weeks and months have gone by with much talk of having a UN backed meeting for both sides to meet to try and resolve the 50 year old Cyprus issue and consistently we have seen much rhetoric and reasons for delaying the meeting coming from the Cyprus Republic.

North Cyprus and Turkey have been very consistent, with their resolve and support, to create an atmosphere where the Peace Talks can start and move in an orderly fashion through discussion by the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot representatives to a peaceful solution that gives equality and consideration toThe Negotiations Cannot Resume image both sides and reaches a final settlement after 50 years of wasted opportunities.

So is it any surprise to learn that the Greek Cypriot administration has now made an offer to Turkey that Turkish ports and airports be opened to Greek Cypriot ships and planes and in return Cyprus will unblock Turkey’s EU accession process.

In addition Cyprus is calling for Varosha/ Maras to be handed over by Turkey to UN control so it can be used by Greek shipping but did we hear any mention of Cyprus allowing direct flights into Ercan? An agreement to these pre-meeting terms will then presumably enable the meeting to be held.

Is it any wonder that Turkey and North Cyprus, who want a meeting that discusses and agrees a complete settlement of all of the Cyprus issues, are rejecting these pre-meeting demands. So if Cyprus cannot regain property and territory and control of the island, what else does it want.

With the current deadlock and unfair membership of the European Union perhaps Cyprus  has all it needs and can continue to disadvantage the Turkish Cypriots and we may be waiting a long time before we see signs of a willingness by them to reach a peaceful and just solution that respects the equality of both sides.

To learn more of this latest twist and turn in the long road to having a meeting between both sides, do read the following articles that detail the  latest offer from the Republic of Cyprus.

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