December 1, 2022

Pink Day for TRNC Premier 10 Pin Bowling League

 By Chris Elliott

October was the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month and here in North Cyprus we saw so much of the colour Pink and many events being arranged to raise donations for those supporting the fight against cancer and in particular, breast cancer.

On Tuesday 29th October I went along to the Kings Leisure Centre to see the guys and gals from the TRNC Premier 10 Pin Bowling League go through their paces bedecked in a multitude of pinkMr Pinky - Trevor Hughes from Cyprusscene costumes and hats etc.

Here we saw our fellow writer, Trevor Hughes in an amazing pink outfit that just took your breath away. For sure he could not get lost in a crowd as much as he might try.

Sally Smith, the group’s organiser, was delighted with the turnout of 48 players and the sea of pink was only interrupted by a multitude of coloured balls whizzing down Jane Matter and Sally Smiththe lanes to take out the pins. I even found two ladies quietly knitting who told me they were stand-in players if the opportunity arose.

Perhaps the biggest smile was on the face of Jane Matter, one of two recently appointed Tulips Volunteer Cancer Case Support Workers, and as we stood chatting many people came over to push their donations into her Tulips collection box.

Jane was so happy but tired as she, along with another case worker Pam Kennedy, had been visiting many events during October on both sides of Kyrenia and assisting Carole King and Sue Tilt, the Tulips fundraisers, by collecting donations from people, organisations and companies in North Cyprus during the Pink month.

Commenting on the month’s importance as the International Breast Cancer Awareness month, Jane wants to stress that Tulips try to help everybody who contracts cancer, no matter what type, and now are able to give advice and practical help where possible. For more information about Tulips our readers should follow this link by clicking here.

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