December 6, 2022

Turkish Republic Day celebrated in Kyrenia

by Ralph Kratzer

The 90th anniversary of establishment of the Turkish Republic was marked yesterday with ceremonies in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus alongside Turkey.

Details about the Republic Day you will get by clicking the following link:

I went to Kyrenia / Girne to watch the celebrations.

Thank goodness I made the decision to go by scooter, because police had widely closed downtown of Kyrenia for car traffic.

Some hundreds of sightseers had come to the Atatürk statue next to the Dome Hotel in the early afternoon to watch the spectacle.

There was wreath laying, several speeches, music by the GKK  Marching Band and so on…  Finally there was a parade. I as an old soldier love parades but I do not want to bore you with details, just view my pictures!

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