December 6, 2022

Jazz Concerts in Nicosia 

By Margaret Sheard

We have received information about a series of jazz concerts to be held at the Bedesten in Lefkoşa and although some have already been held there are still many more which may appeal to music lovers.

All of the concerts were arranged to raise funds to buy a grand piano for the Naci Talat Foundation in Nicosia.   The majority of the guest artists come to Cyprus with a spirit of solidarity and do not ask for any payment.  The Festival brings together many musicians of different cultures from different countries.

We hope to bring more information about each concert well in advance but in the meantime here is a list of the dates and artists who will be performing at The Bedesten.  All of the concerts start at 9pm and the entrance fee is 20TL with the exception of Aydin Esen on 30th October which is 30TL.





17th October Thursday Soner Ersen Trio...(Soner Ersen, Steve Rose, Tim Steemson)

Kıbrıs, Londra – Jazz

 Soner Ersen Trio
19th October  Saturday Attitude (Nihat Ağdaş, Emil Duncumb)  Attitude
20th October  Sunday Sűleyman Akosman and Friends Suleyman Akosman
24th October Thursday Cyprus Jazz Quartet...(Hüsnü Doğacan, Ahmet Elmas, Kadir Evre, Ahmet Zilci) Kıbrıs – Klasik Jazz


Cyprus Jazz Quartet
25th October Friday Birseyler Eksik  (Tűrkiye Jazz)...(Serhan Erkol ve Tamer Temel, elektrik basta Alper Yılmaz ve davulda Volkan Öktem)  Birseyler Eksik
26th October Saturday Selen Gűlűn      (Tűrkiye Jazz)...(Serhan Erkol ve Tamer Temel, elektrik basta Alper Yılmaz ve davulda Volkan Öktem)  Selen Gulun
28th October Monday Dilşad Asadova – Atkan Sarı   Dilsal Asadova
30th October Wednesday Aydin Esen  (Tűrkiye Jazz)  Aydin Esen
2nd November Saturday Julia Starostenkova-Guder  – Belarus – Piano  Julia Starostenkova-Guden
3rd November Sunday Dimitris Regginos  – Lefkoşa  –  Classical Guitar  Dimitris Regginos
5th November Tuesday SOS  –  Kibris  –  Unplugged Rock   SOS
6th November Wednesday Gommalar – Cyprus Cover Band.(Onur Kasapoglu, Gorkem Muniroglu, Simge Akadogu, Aytunc Akadogu   Gommalar

There should be something to appeal to most music tastes so look out for further information which we will bring to you as soon as it is received.

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