December 6, 2022

Garden Party at Tolga’s Restaurant,


in aid of Cancer Research Association


By Margaret Sheard

I always try to tune in to Can Gazi’s “Cup of Conversation” programme on BRT2 TV and this weeA Cup of Conversationk he had on the show 2 ladies who have launched themselves into a new venture of fundraising for the Cancer Research Association (KAV) in North Cyprus. This was Christine Ford and Maria Chappell who it seems originally wanted to help in a small way and now find themselves organising what is likely to be a very big event.

Can asked the ladies about themselves, firstly Christine, who said that she lives in Lapta and came to Cyprus some 6½ years ago. Her daughter and son in law had been on holiday and convinced Christine and her husband that they should visit the most beautiful place they had ever been to. The following year Christine and her husband had a holiday in North Cyprus and fell in love with it and so decided to retire and sell up in the UK and make their home here in the sun.

Maria said she had also lived in North Cyprus for 6½ years and has a property in Karşiyaka. Her husband always wanted to live in a sunny country and despite leaving the family and grandchildren in the UK, she decided to take the plunge and with 8 suitcases and a cat and dog they arrived in North Cyprus, having never visited before. Maria has been active with the Kibris Line Dancers for a few years and loves it.Christine Ford (left) and Maria Chappell (right)

Both Christine and Maria like to keep busy and Maria had a friend who was holding a coffee morning in Lefkoşa to promote the Cancer Research Association (KAV) and asked Christine if she would like to go along ith her. Christine said she was very impressed with the information available and thought, as there did not seem to be too much activity for KAV in the Kyrenia area, she would like to hold a coffee morning to raise funds for what she feels is a very important aspect in the battle against cancer – Research.

The more Christine and Maria thought about it their vision grew bigger with stalls and then Maria suggested someone she knew to sing – Andrew Sings. By this time Christine realised that her garden would not be anywhere large enough so they spoke to Sami at Tolga’s Restaurant in Karşiyaka and he agreed that they could use his premises and he would do all he could to support them. Christine said she had never done anything like this before so it was quite a daunting task but having lost a cousin to cancer recently she really wanted to do something and as research into the disease is so important, this is the route she and Maria would like to follow.

Can spoke about the other cancer charities in North Cyprus, all of which contribute in different ways. Tulips who have a “hands on” function with cancer patients, NCCCT who pChristine Fordurchase much needed equipment etc. for the hospitals and others, but he agreed that there is little promotion in North Cyprus in the field of raising funds for research.

Maria mentioned a fund raising campaign in the UK with the sale of pixie bags for cancer sufferers which contain 7 items which all represent something. There are some of these bags being brought over from the UK but it is hoped to start doing the same thing here.

The Garden Party is to be held on Thursday 24th October starting at 2pm at Tolga’s Restaurant. Entrance will be 5TL, which will be donated to KAV, and there will be lots of stalls selling their own goods such as crafts, greetings cards, books, painted tiles and they will be paying 10TL for their tables which again will be donated to KAV. There will be a raffle, bingo, quiz and entertainment by Andrew Sings and the Kibris Line Dancers. There will also be food and drink available. In addition there will be stalls dedicated to KAV and Christine and Maria asked for donations of cakes, books, CD’s and plants to be sold on thMaria Chappellese stalls, where all of the proceeds will go to KAV. KAV will also have a stall where they will be selling the pixie bags and there will also be plenty of leaflets giving information about research and cancer awareness.

Can asked the ladies if they intend to make this a regular event and they both said they hope to perhaps hold a large event 3-4 times a year and in between small coffee morning events. Christine said they are a little apprehensive about the forthcoming event and hopes that a lot of people will attend. They are asking for donations of items which can be dropped off at Tolga’s Restaurant or Christine and Maria will be happy to collect. Both Christine and Maria can be contacted by telephone for any information about KAV and the event they are organising and their numbers are as follows:-

Christine – 0542 872 9398

Maria – 0533 839 5561

or information about KAV can be found on their website. There is also a link on Facebook – Cancer Research Organisation Garden Party.

Can rounded up the interview by asking Maria about Kibris Line Dancers and she said she loves line dancing and the group have classes at Club Simena every Monday and TuesdaKAV Cancer Research Foundation smly at 10am. Everyone is welcome.

One last thing – Christine was asked what happens if it rains! and she said there is an indoor area at Tolga’s Restaurant, although not as large as outside, so if the weather is unkind they will move indoors, but she hopes it will be a nice day and everyone can enjoy the day out in the fresh air.

This sounds as if it is going to be a brilliant event and we would urge people to go along and enjoy the day and at the same time support KAV and Christine and Maria who have put such a lot of effort into organising this charity event.

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