December 9, 2022

North Cyprus pushing Tourism and


By Chris Elliott

Mustafa Yucelten (Muscat Daily)
a Mustafa Yucelten (Muscat Daily)

Anybody living in North Cyprus knows the great potential it has for tourism but it is held back by embargoes on direct flights and is often prevented in presenting its case in International Exhibitions due to political pressure to prevent it.

We also have many universities which attract increasing numbers of students to come here for high quality education.

Europe through its mistaken analysis of the Cyprus issue and insistent on supporting the demands of the Republic of Cyprus, helps to try and dissuade people coming to North Cyprus for education and holidays but despite these efforts, more and more people are actually arriving and they are not necessarily coming from European countries but from other countries who would perhaps prefer to be more supportive if they were allowed by the major players who prevent a settlement of the Cyprus issue.

So it was interesting to read on the internet that the TRNC representative in the Oman is actively involved in trying to promote what many people know, North Cyprus has so much to offer with a warm welcome for those seeking holidays or education. Do please follow the link for more information on this subject.

  Northern Cyprus plans intensifying drive to promote its tourism, education sectors – Oman – Muscat Daily.

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