December 2, 2022

TRNC News Today 9th September 2013


Özkan Yorgancıoğlu
Özkan Yorgancıoğlu
Serdar Dentas 2
Serdar Denktaş

It has been stated that general debate on the program of the Republican Turkish Party-United Forces (CTP-BG) and Democrat Party –National Forces (DP-UG) coalition government is being held today (9th September). If the debate on the program is completed today, a vote of confidence for the new government will be held on Wednesday (11th September)..

The program which was read out on Friday by Prime Minister Ozkan Yorgancıoğlu and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports Serdar Denktaş, envisages radical reforms in several areas of the country.

Prime Minister Yorgancıoğlu stated while reading the program that the basic vision of the government is to create a sustainable social and economic structure. In this framework, reforms in almost every sector are on the program.

It is also stated that the government supports negotiations anticipating a federal solution in the program’s section related to Cyprus.


Allahverdi Kılıc who became a martyr as a result of an attack by Greek Cypriot soldiers while keeping guard on his military service was remembered on the 17th anniversary of his death.

The remembrance ceremony was held in Guvercinlik in front of the guard Turkish and TRNC flagtower where Kılıç became a martyr.

The ceremony started with placing wreaths in front of the guard tower in accordance with a protocol order, and continued with a one minute’s silence and national anthem.

The ceremony ended with a speech by the President of Martyr Families and Disabled People Association, Ertan Ersan, and Infantry Officer Murat Yanarateş, from 4. Infantry Regiment Commander.

Remembering Kılıc who became a martyr after a malicious attack by the Greek Cypriots while protecting his homeland, the President of Martyr Families and Disabled People Association Ertan Ersan damned the Greek Cypriots’ attack and protested about the British officials who did not take the necessary precautions and did not prevent the escape of the attackers.

Emphasizing that the only guarantee of the Turkish Cypriot people is motherland Turkey, Ersan recorded that they will never give up the State, flag, homeland and Turkey’s guarantee.


In spite of the obstacles of Greece, Folk Arts Association (HASDER) participated in the 26th International Dance Festival held in Spain’s Vila Real HASDERcity. According to the information given by HASDER, the delegation of HASDER participated in the festival organized between 27 August-3 September and staged Turkish Cypriot folk-dances and folk music.

Beside the Spanish team, teams from Chile, Switzerland, Greece and North Cyprus participated in the festival.

It was stated that when the Greek Embassy heard that a TRNC delegation would participate in the festival, they protested claiming that the TRNC is not a State recognized by the United Nations and demanded HASDER’s disqualification from the festival. In the statement, it was underlined that as a result of the initiatives of the festival committee and the Mayor, it was decided to conduct the festival with the participation of all 5 teams but without using any flag.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office


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