January 27, 2023

Embargoed comment on the Destruction of

Historic and Cultural Heritage in Cyprus

Fevzi Hussein
Fevzi Hussein

Following the article written by Ismail Veli “The Destruction of Historic and Cultural Heritage in Cyprus” which received many congratulatory comments, we received the following comment from Fevzi Hussein, the Chairman of Embargoed,  which we felt we should also publish as a separate article because of its importance.

By Fevzi Hussein

What a truly enlightening piece from Ismail Veli. When we talk about the pain associated with the Cyprus Problem, one must always look to advocate balance as two sides have endured pain linked to loss of life and property etc. Two sides have ensured senseless attacks on our culture and heritage. Those Greek Cypriots who seek to only highlight a biased outlook on this issue should be ashamed of themselves – the evidence is there for everyone to see that sites of historical religious significance in the South, by and large, are not respected. Indeed evidence suggested the complete opposite.

Embargoed! continues to highlight the injustice of the embargoes and I hope that Cyprusscene readers will support our group as we continue lobbying in this respect.

Becoming a member is only 10STG (per year) and every single penny goes towards our lobbying efforts and you can join online via the group’s website by clicking on the following link : http://www.embargoed.org/

Please click here to read Ismail Veli’s article .

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