December 5, 2022

Destruction of Historic and Cultural

Heritage in Cyprus

John Aziz Kent’s Comments

By John Aziz Kent

I read with amazement the article on about the “Destruction of Historic and Cultural Heritage in Cyprus” by Ismail Veli. This article was so well written and calls for change which has been a subject so close to my heart and I seemed to have spent a lifetime pressing for the same changes.

Do please read this article by clicking here and below is the comment and thanks I made to Ismail Veli.

  “Destruction of Historic and Cultural Heritage in Cyprus” 

Dear Ismail Veli,

Thank you for writing this very important article about the historical sites and how they are deteriorating especially all those very valuable places all over the North of Cyprus.

And it is all because of finance where organisations such as UNESCO only lookedJohn Aziz Kent sml to the South and perhaps occasionally a few bits to the North. As for the EU, I know from experience when I asked for some help to restore the KUMARCILAR HAN in Lefkosa they turned it down with the excuse that it belonged to me, a private person, thank God Turkey came to my help and it is now being restored but dear Ismail the whole of the Walled City of Nicosia needs to be restored to its original state and so many other historical places, after all they belong to the whole WORLD not just to the Turkish people.

We have ten thousand years of history in Cyprus that belongs to everybody but it cannot be restored by people living under the Embargoes of the World sanctioned by the EU and the rest of the WORLD WATCHING and accusing us of not restoring our Heritage when we haven’t got the help that every other country gets from the EU, UN and all other sources.

Thank you Dear Ismail for reminding the World of their responsibilities. Maybe if we all join you in reminding everybody, hopefully some people will hear us and do something instead of telling lies, lies and more lies, the truth is the solution to everything.





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