February 4, 2023

Girne American University


The GAU Summer School Swimming Courses certificate ceremony has been completed.

The ceremony thatSwimming group was held in the GAU Cyprus Girne Campus Sports Complex swimming pool was attended by participants of various age groups and categories as well as GAU Vice-Chancellor of Board of Administrators, Cemile Esenyel, Chair of Health, Culture and Sports Department, Türkay Akpınar, Dean of Tourism Faculty Assist. Prof. Dr. İsmet Esenyel, Director of Summer Schools, Celal Sakka, GAU College Principal, Aysu Balkalar and GAU College Vice-Principal and Co-ordinator of Swimming Courses Program, Koray Emirhoca and also students and their families.

The event received great interest by the families. Various Swimmingage groups of trainees performed their skills having the opportunity to compete against others amongst their groups, they had been trained during the 10 week training program. Following the competition and also the fun swimming contest and performances, ranking junior swimmers were presented with medals whilst the trainees who have completed the course with success were awarded their certificates.

The GAU swimming courses which provided leisure and physical development for the participant children during the summer period will also continue through the month of September.

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  1. Are the classes available even to non university students?
    Am interested.

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