December 5, 2022

British Typhoons in near clash with

Turkish jets over Cyprus!

By Chris Elliott

This week has seen much activity and tension building around the island of Cyprus and previous news of ballistic missile testing over the Mediterranean sparked acute awareness of the dangers of something Fighter Jetsgoing seriously wrong.

With so much military activity around the island of Cyprus, it comes as no surprise, albeit an unwelcome surprise, to hear the news of military action and tension concerning the safety of both North and South Cyprus.

This week British and Turkish fighter planes nearly clashed over the skies of the island of Cyprus after two Typhoon Eurofighters scrambled from Akrotiri airbase.   It was reported the Typhoon Eurofighters are part of a total of six aircraft sent to the RAF Akrotiri airbase for possible action against Syria,  It was reported, that they flew over North Cyprus to intercept unidentified aircraft.   According to reports of the incident in the Famagusta Gazette, Turkey sent two F-16 fighters to intercept the British planes claiming they violated the airspace over North Cyprus.

To read this Famagusta Gazette report in greater detail, please follow the link below;

BREAKING: British Typhoons in near clash with Turkish jets over Cyprus.

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