December 1, 2022

USS Nimitz strike group

Russia Detected Missiles Launched in


By Chris Elliott

This past seven days has seen much speculation and contradictory reports concerning the threatened air strike against Syria by the United States and other countries.

USS Nimitz strike group
USS Nimitz strike group

In the past few hours there have been various reports coming in of the sighting of missile launches in the Mediterranean and in one of them from the state run Russian Novosti via a Bloomberg report, suggests missiles were fired in the eastern Mediterranean.

The launch was detected by Russia’s radar station in Armavir at 10:16 a.m. Moscow time, according to RIA.

This is a very worrying time for the people of Cyprus with so much military activity around the Island, all connected with the Syrian issue.  To read more of the Bloomberg report do please follow the link below ;

Russia Detected Missiles Launched in Mediterranean, RIA Says – Bloomberg.

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