January 30, 2023

Trevor’s Tips – September 2013

By Trevor Hughes

UK Driving Licence

When British Citizens reach the ripe old age of 70 years and wish to retain their U K UK Driving licencedriving licence, they will need to make an application to the DVLA office in Swansea, UK and every three [3] years thereafter.

You can get all the information you require on  Gov. UK, “Renew your driving licence if you’re 70click here, or  by phoning them on 0044903 1240 002 and push button 3. The people who answer your call are very informative and extremely helpful.

You must have either a UK or a EU address when renewing your full UK licence/ International driving licence, but as we are part of Turkey and not a member of the EU neither a UK licence, or international licence will be granted, unless you do have a UK/ EU address, where it can be sent.

You do not require written documentation from a GP saying that in his/her opinion you are well enough to drive, unless you are applying for a licence to drive a 2.5 ton vehicle or heavier, in which case you do!

Don’t forget, if you only have a TRNC driving licence, you will not be permitted to drive over on the Greek side of the island, unless you are a citizen of the TRNC and have a Kimlik card. If you drive on the Greek side without a valid driving licence and you experience a motoring accident, your TRNC vehicle insurance will be rendered invalid!!


Here we go again!!!!!

The police MOT station in Girne have upgraded their equipment for testing vehicle safety at the point of MOT renewal.

Are the Authorities being overzealous when using this equipment, or are they MOT Test Centrejust being bloody minded when failing the vehicle on spurious test results? You make your own mind up! Or is it that the tests are getting tougher, similar to MOT tests in the UK and we have come to expect low level MOT examinations here, which is usually to our advantage?

One vehicle failed the police emission test because in their opinion the emissions exceeded the limit as tested on their own machine, even though a licensed garage passed the vehicle’s emissions some 20 minutes earlier.

When the owners of vehicles are sent away to get the failures rectified, upon their return the Authorities don’t even bother coming out of their office to re-check the vehicle.

I am getting my garage contacts to take my vehicle in for renewal, that should overcome the problem and at no extra cost to me. Have you got a Turkish Cypriot friend who can take your vehicle in for you?

Criminal record check

If you are returning to the UK on a permanent basis, and have lived here forburglar some time, it is advisable to get a Police Criminal Record done from here before your return if you are going to seek employment. Living here for some time takes you off the UK’s “radar screen” and because you cannot be traced when they are undertaking a CRB check on you, they will assume you have spent time at Her Majesty’s pleasure as this is the only reason for them not being able to trace you. This could well fail your job application if it necessitates a CRB report to be carried out before offering you employment.

You can get a criminal check here from the Police Station in the main town in which you live. This will be sufficient to support your job application in the UK and only costs 21TL in stamps. Your criminal record can be collected from the station the following day and will be printed in English if requested.

Landline Telephones

When making an application for a main line telephone connection, you will need to pay Ancient telephonethe Telecom Department the appropriate deposit fee. When paid, keep the green receipt in a safe and secure place for later reference, if needed.

If, at some time in the future you decide to terminate the contract with the telecom company, you will need to contact them giving one [1] months’ notice. You can then collect your deposit one month later [currently 200 TL] from their main office in Lefkosa, which is located near the main bus depot behind the blue Belediyesi office. The return of your deposit must be supported by handing over the green receipt; otherwise your deposit will not be refunded!

If you are leaving the island permanently and you leave before the one month term, you will lose your deposit. God knows where your retained deposit goes, but I bet I know!

Cardiac Health Checks

The FREE Cardiac Check Up at the Kolan British Hospital for Dagli Sigorta customers hasBroken heart been reported to be an excellent service and well worth attending. There have been a couple of teething issues, but were quickly sorted out and proved to be a lack of communication at the hospital and no more.

I underwent said cardiac check-up for myself and my bloods and ECG readings were all within normal limits. For those sceptics amongst us who think tests may reveal health problems and  some hospitals taking advantage to make financial gain [I know this has happened in the past], well, my medication dosage was actually reduced, saving me over 100 TL per month, OH HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Late Night Chemist Rota – click here

Remember, these times are subject to change without notice.

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