January 31, 2023

4. Heidi getting ready to bowl

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC

5th Ten Pin Bowling Tournament

By Margaret Sheard
Photos by Ralph Kratzer

We have been enjoying a TFR get-together for a members friendly ten-pin bowling tournaHeinz keeping an eye on thingsment for the last 6 months and this has now become a regular monthly event. So, the members gathered together at the Kings Leisure Centre on Wednesday 28th August for the 5th Ten Pin Bowling Tournament and with the great organisational skills of Richard Bradley (Brad) they were split into teams representing their various countries. Unfortunately, we were running late that morning and so when we arrived the teams had been arranged and were all ready to start so the two of us had to take a separate lane. Actually it was very enjoyable playing against each other, but Chris did beat me by a few points.Heidi getting ready to bowl

There were 5 teams (plus us latecomers!) and after a very enjoyable 2-game tournament we all retired to the restaurant area for a cold drink and a bite to eat. Brad was busy totting up the scores and then gave us the results.

Sweden – team 1 –    900
Germany – team 1 –  803
Germany – team 2 –  780
Sweden – team 2 –    670
England –                   503
The Latecomers –      156

The highest scorers amongst the men were : 3rd – Ralph with 366 points, 2nd – Manfred with 4Waiting for the results21 points and 1st – Brad with 474 points.

The highest scorers amongst the women were : 3rd – Marguerita with 286 points, 2nd – Annetta with 294 points and 1st – Lena with 326 points.

Brad suggested that at the end of the season (12 months) there could be a prize awarded for the person scoring the most points and everyone agreed this was a good idea.

The next bowling tournament was arranged and this will be on Wednesday 18th September.

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