December 5, 2022


By Margaret Sheard

How is this for a trio of brave expats who have decided to paraglide from the top of the Besparmak Mountain to raise funds for Kyrenia Animal Rescue. We have received the following information about this event and would urge people to sponsor them as they show just what Taking offretired expats can do when they put their minds to it.

On 22nd August at 12 oclock, three intrepid “youngsters” with a combined age of 222 will be helping to raise funds for Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) by paragliding with Highline Paragliding from the top of the Besparmak Mountains to the usual landing spot in Karaoglanoglu.

The three gallant gentlemen are:-

Alan Peek (77 years old), a retired Sales Manager from Norfolk who’s lived in Alsancak for 8 years.

Dave Ray (70 years old), a retired Business Man from Somerset who’s lived in Alsancak for 19 years

Don Attwood (75 years old), a retired Civil Servant from Wales who’s lived in Alsancak for 7 years

If anyone would like to help them in their efforTandem Paraglidets by sponsoring, please fill in one of the sponsor forms which are available at Supermarket Begs, Chateau Lambousa Saturday Market, the KAR office on the Karakum Road, and at the AGM to be held on 21st August at Meadows Restaurant. If you meet them anywhere before or even after the 22nd the volunteers will also be able to take sponsorship direct.

I have every admiration for these “intrepid youngsters” as I remember many years ago parascending from a small jetty in Corfu, it was a thrilling experience but I think there is a difference between going up gently towed by a boat and jumping off a mountain!

Good luck guys.

Pictures courtesy of Highline Paragliding, Kyrenia

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