January 30, 2023

Scorching August in your Cyprus garden

by greenfingers

mrgreen smlIt is hard to work up much enthusiasm for labouring under the hot sun during August so do any weeding and dead heading in the cooler early mornings or evenings. Set your irrigation systems to come on after the sun has set or during the night. If you leave your watering hose pipes exposed during the day, beware as the first water to come out White scented flowerswhen turned on will be very hot, so don’t scald yourself or the plants !

The night scented flowers whose pollinators are generally moths which are attracted to the perfume rather than the flower colour. White and cream flowers show up better during the hours of darkness and their perfumes are stronger during the evenings when moths are about. To attract pollinators grow evening primroses or Pakistani Nightshade, their flowers are perfumed and their smell lingers in the night air.

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