February 6, 2023

Trevor’s Tips – August 2013

By Trevor Hughes

Permanent Residence

Due to the forthcoming elections, all Permanent Residence applications have been suspended for an undisclosed period.

Vehicle Registration Document.

The Greek border officials are now insisting you produce MOT Test Centreyour original vehicle registration document [log book] when obtaining an annual cross border MOT. They will not accept a photocopy!!!!

Adding a name onto your vehicle Registration Document

In a previous Trevor’s Tips I wrote an article relating to adding a name onto your vehicle registration document. Well I was informed by a reader TRNC Vehicle Log Bookthe other day that a colleague of his went to the office in Lefkosa to add a name onto his log book. The current fee for this service is 184 TL.

Well, the clerk at the counter decided that the fee should be applied to both persons names and subsequently charged him double the fee. Please make sure when going through this process that you are charged the appropriate fee [for one additional name] and not suffer the indignity of being overcharged!

The Kolan British Hospital.

Dağli Sigorta customers report the free cardiac check up undertaken by The Kolan Hospital in Lefkosa is an excellent service and well worth being checked out by them. This free facility is for Dağli Sigorta customers only.

Remember, prevention is far better than a cure!

Health services

Dental examination and Panoramic X-Ray.Kolan British Hospital

Ophthalmic Eye Pressure measurement.

Ear – Nose _ Throat (ENT) Examination.

Breast examination of women over the age of 40 by the General Surgeon.

Plastic Surgery Examination ( Benign and malignant skin tumours detection).

Extra 15% discount on all Check-up programs

Cardiology Check-up Package.

Cardiology Examination – ECG – ECHO – Treadmill Test – CBC – CRP – Preparandial Blood Glucose – Cholesterol – HDL – LDL – Triglyceride.



Please see attached below the IktisatbankMulticultural Banking News.

Iktisatbank have produced the attached document Iktisatbankproviding you with information regarding the changes to their systems and procedures click here.

For any queries please call them on 444 44 44 or visit your nearest Iktisatbank branch.

Bayram Holidays

Bayram holidays for the month of August will be half day on 7th August and 8th, 9th and 10th August 2013 with a further holiday on 30th August 2013 , when all the Banks, Local Government Offices and all main Government Offices will be closed for business on these dates.

Late Night Chemist Rota – click here

Remember, these times are subject to change without notice.

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