February 4, 2023

TRNC News Today 25th July – 2013


President Derviş Eroğlu, has come together with the President of European Commission Dervis Eroglu 7Jose Manuel Barroso and EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Füle.

Answering the questions of the press members after a meeting which lasted more than one hour, Eroğlu replied: ‘It is obvious that Greek Cypriots are the responsible side for blocking the negotiations. Barosso clearly presented that the issue will have to be solved by the two sides. In order to achieve this we need a will for the solution and it is obvious that we possess it. President Derviş Eroğlu has also said that he suggested the EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso remind these facts to the Greek Cypriot side, which happens to be their member.

Eroğlu has said that he had explained how Turkish Cypriots are uncomfortable with the restrictions of freedom of travel, isolations and embargoes and from now on they would like to have constructive steps.

According to Eroğlu’s speech, other issues that had been discussed are: Negotiations for a Comprehensive solution which will begin in October,Jose Manuel Barroso financial support to TRNC, lifting of the isolations, the Green Line Regulation and the attitude of the Greek side about the issues. Eroğlu said that Barroso had denied the news published by the Greek Cypriot Press, claiming that Varosha would be bargained for the start of international flights from Ercan Airport out of the negotiations for a comprehensive solution.

Eroğlu: ‘It is not important to start the negotiations;  the important thing is to have a resolution after 45 years. The time passed may not be that substantial for the Greek side, which is a member of both the UN and EU but it is for us. Having been forced to live under embargoes and remain in suspense, affects our economy badly. That is why we are in favour of a solution. The time has come for the Greek Cypriots to agree before it is too late. If they keep on their policy of running out the clock and keeping us on the table, these negotiations shall have no solution.’


TRNC President Dervis Eroğlu has said that if Russia recognizes North Cyprus officially, Russia flagthen the whole world will recognize. Eroğlu explained his opinions about the Cyprus issue to ‘Kommersant’ which is one of the leading newspapers in Russia.

Mentioning his meeting with the Greek Cypriot Leader Anastasiadis, mistakes of the EU during the process and listing reasonable ways for a solution from the Turkish Cypriots perspective, Eroğlu also pointed to Russia. Eroğlu used the expression: “Currently only Turkey recognizes North Cyprus. Russia may also recognize. If Russia recognizes us, then the whole world will recognize”.

  Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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