February 4, 2023

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC

4th Ten Pin Bowling Tournament

By Margaret Sheard

Thursday 25th July was the occasion of the 4th TFR Ten Pin Gathering for the TournamentBowling Tournament and it was attended by members who have developed a definite liking for the friendly competition which is now a monthly event at the King’s Leisure Centre in Girne.

We gathered together at the appointed time of 1pm and Richard Bradley (Brad) sorted us out into 4 teams representing England, Germany, Ladies Team and Sweden and Ready for actionwe went to our allotted lanes for a practice before starting the 2-game tournament.

We met Margo when we arrived and she said she couldn’t play but with a bit of tuition from Ken we were constantly bombarded with cheers as she repeatedly had a strike. Lucky or what! Chris and I were in a team with Brad and Kath and we did quite well this time.

This is a couple of hours of enjoyment with the very friendly The Swedish Teamatmosphere we always experience with other TFR members and we will be looking forward to the August tournament which will probably be held on the 28th August.

After the game, some of the members gathered in the restaurant area to have a bite to eat while Brad worked out the results.

1st – Germany with a score of 1734

2nd – England with a score of 1097

3rd – Sweden with a score of 1083

4th – Ladies Team with a score of 1061Brad gives us the results

The highest scorers were:

1st – Ken with 279

2nd – Ralph with 206

3rd – Heinz with 200

So well done everyone and well done us, the EThe winning team - Germanyngland Team coming 2nd, we are definitely improving and hope to see our name on the plaque before too long.

We would all like to thank the staff at King’s Leisure Centre who are always so pleasant and obliging. The Centre is a very pleasant place to spend some time either playing ten pin bowling or using the downstairs facilities for children and young at heart adults.  To see a bit more of what is available have a look at the slideshow below.

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