August 9, 2022

Standing still to move on

 By John Aziz Kent

Reflecting on so many changes taking place in the world at present, I would like to share with you a comment I made on the Cyprus Mail article “Standing still to move on” and my comment can be read below.

“Dear Simon Bahceli

Quite a sensible article regarding Mr Erdoğan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, however it is in the interest of Turkey for Mr Erdoğan to serve his term that he has been elected to govern Turkey.

After all his achievements on most important factors are second to none as we all know it is most difficult to govern 76 Million TurkishJohn Aziz Kent sml people that have been manipulated for so many years by different powers including the home grown politicians. Now for the last 10 years Mr Erdoğan brought Turkey so much closer to the world.

Therefore irrespective of his Margaret Thatcher habits that he developed, after all without Margaret Thatcher where would the UK have been? God rest her in Peace.

In fact the contribution that these two leaders gave to the world, is a better place to live in, including Russia and the USA and Africa, so tolerance is the virtue for the region and without it the world could be worse.

 As for the Cyprus political problem, this is the best time to be solved with Mr Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as Prime Minister of Turkey providing it is desired by all other powerful sides.

God bless the whole world, Cyprus and Turkey.”

To read Simon Bahcelis article in full in the Cyprus Mail do follow this link  – Standing still to move on



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