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TRNC News Today 4th July 2013


President Derviş Eroğlu said that firstly Turkish Cypriots’ protecting their State and strengthening their unity and solidarity and moving their relations with motherland Turkey to the best points as it was in the past and will be in the future are the important factors for the future of the TRNC.

Stating that the struggle which has been made so far will also continue, President Eroğlu expressed that while struggling to reach a viable and permanent agreement in Cyprus and, if this agreement would not be possible, then protecting the State is a binding duty of everyone as stronger unity and solidarity will be needed.

President Eroğlu received the Turkish Fighters Association (TMT) and other related associations under the presidency of Yılmaz Bora.

In his speech at the reception Eroğlu mentioned that today Turkish Cypriots are in search of an agreement and it is not known whether Dervis Erogluan agreement will be reached or not. Eroğlu stressed that an agreement depends not only on the Turkish side because, although some letter of agreements which emerged has been accepted by the Turkish side, they have been rejected by the Greek Cypriots. Also Eroğlu said that the Greek Cypriot administration comes across with a mentality that sits at a table as it desires an agreement, but has not signed any agreement so far and has made no effort to make its people accept an agreement.

Stating: “I wish a permanent and viable agreement which enables the Turkish Cypriot people to live in security in Cyprus”, President Eroğlu reminded that this also depends on the attitude of the opposite side.

Adding that one of the targets of the Turkish Cypriots is to secure the State’s borders, make them stronger and enable everyone to protect their State which occurred as a result of a rightful struggle, Eroğlu said that they would like to protect the reputation which has been increasing day by day in the eyes of the world.

Expressing that the civilized world which talks about human rights, does not want to understand these rights which are also the Turkish Cypriots’ rights and make them survive under embargoes, President Eroğlu continued: “I always say that we are not the people who have to live under the embargoes. We are not the ones who started the Cyprus incidents, rejected the emerged agreements and toppled the established State. But as you can see, those who toppled the established State, made plans and projects to entomb the Turkish Cypriots into mass graves are today the member of both the EU and UN. On the contrary, we are under the embargoes. However those advanced civilized countries who desire an agreement should see the realities and should lift the isolations imposed on us and motivate the Greek Cypriots towards an agreement. Have they seen this reality up to now? They may have seen, but they did not want to accept it…We have not seen any movement in accordance with the realities from Europe and the UN up to now”.


Foreign Affairs Minister Kutlay Erk said that the Turkish side is ready and willing for the Cyprus negotiations which are expected to start in the autumn, but the Greek Cypriots are not ready for this process due to the difficulties they have been going through.

Speaking to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kıbrıs Gazetesi’, Foreign Affairs Minister Kutlay Erk made statements with regard to the negotiations which are on the agenda to start in October.

Kutlay Erk stated that he started to meet with the United Nations’ five permanent member countries’ ambassadors to Cyprus. Erk said that he has met with the representatives of the USA and Russia so far. Kutlay ErkErk told them that the Turkish Cypriots are ready for the negotiations.

Stating: “Opinions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Presidency related to the negotiation process are parallel. As the Turkish side we would like to continue negotiations where it was left off and have meaningful negotiations. Also we desire to have result-orientated negotiations. We are also ready for a solution”, Erk added that President Derviş Eroğlu has two more years on duty and Eroğlu’s desire is to solve the Cyprus issue before leaving his duty.

Expressing that Downer will come to the island at the end of July to have a series of contacts, Erk underlined that the starting date of the negotiations should also be set during Downer’s visit.


In the statement made by the EU Commission to AB Haber Agency it has been stated that the Varosha issue is part of a comprehensive solution. Stefan FuleThe EU Commission has also pointed out that the EU has not prepared a plan regarding the Varosha issue. The statement is as the following:

• The return of the sealed-off Varosha area of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants is part of the negotiations on a comprehensive Cyprus settlement between both communities under the auspices of the United Nations.

• The Commission reiterates its full support to the settlement process under UN auspices and, should the parties request it, is available to upgrade and reinforce this support.

• In his recent address to the European Parliament, Commissioner Füle expressed his opinion that there shouldn’t be any taboos on creative thinking regarding confidence-building and necessary compromises in order to advance the settlement process and allow the people of both communities to benefit from the gains of reunification.


“Second Educational Fair for Turkish and Turkish Cypriot Universities” has been opened in Erbil, Iraq”.

The students showed intense interest in the fair where 27 public, foundation and private universities from Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have attended.

Turkish Vice Consul General to Erbil, İbrahim Yükseltan made a speech at the opening of fair, and stated that to make investment in education within the framework of social, cultural and economical integration policy is the most important factor.


It was claimed that Greek Cypriot Intelligence Service got involved in the unlawful sale of the Turkish land in Mormenekşe (Dromolaksia) village in Larnaca which belonged to Turkish Cypriot called Mustafa Mustafa.

Greek Cypriot daily and other newspapers stated that DISI member of Parliament and President of Supervisory Committee of Greek Cypriot Assembly, Yorgos Yeorgiu, has made a statement in the committee established for the investigation of the sales of Turkish Cypriot immovable properties and has presented the necessary documents.

According to the news, Yeorgiu claimed that “a political trick” was played in order to fulfil the sale of land that belonged to 80 years-old Turkish Cypriot Mustafa Mustafa in Mormenekşe, moreover the head of Greek Cypriot Intelligence Service resigned for this reason.

Yeorgiu stated that the company named “Wadnic Trading” which bought the land of Mustafa was established for that reason alone and added that the report of Greek Cypriot Intelligence Service was changed and it was indicated as if Mustafa is living and working in South Cyprus.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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