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TRNC News Today 24th June 2013


TRNC Minister of Foreign Affairs Kutlay Erk said that the statement of Greek Cypriot Administration Foreign Minister Yoannis Kasulidis regarding reinstitution of Varosha to its ‘legal owners’ and the necessity for direct negotiations between Turkey and the Greek Cypriot Administration do not reflect the realities on the island.

Erk added that the best way to be followed in the current period is both sides making contact with each other at every opportuniVaroshaty and spending efforts to determine a common future to live in peace in the island. Erk made a call to Kasulidis to discuss all issues face to face including ‘Varosha’.

Moreover, Erk evaluated the claims of Kasulidis made following his meeting with UK’s Foreign Minister, William Hague, in London on 17 June. Kasulidis claimed: “It is an illusion that the Cyprus problem can only be solved by both communities in the island; conflicts between the two communities are unimportant and can be solved easily; the biggest conflict is between South Cyprus and Turkey and a method should be found to negotiate directly with Turkey.”

Regarding the issue Minister Erk said:“With regard to this statement, which does not match with the realities, we remind Kasulidis once again that the Greek Cypriot side’s counterpart regarding the Cyprus issue is the Turkish Cypriot side”.

Desiring that the reality that the negotiations which Ioannis Kasoulideshave been continuing since 1968 with regard to finding a solution to the Cyprus problem are being realized between the two sides in the island should not be forgotten, Minister of Foreign Affairs Kutlay Erk pointed out that also the last negotiation process which started in 2008 between the second President Mehmet Ali Talat and Greek Cypriot Leader Christofias and continued from where it was left off by President Dervis Eroğlu belongs to the two sides in the island and this was also recorded by the United Nations.

Erk continued: “Contrary to all these historical realities, expressions of the Greek Cypriot side authorities that they would like to take Turkey as their counterpart not only puts an obstacle to possible launching of the new negotiation process but also does not enable the building of confidence between the two sides”.

Erk stated that the best way that should be followed in this period is: “the two sides’ coming closer at all levels and opportunities and making their aim to spending all their efforts in order to create a common future to live in peace”.


TRNC Foreign Affairs Minister Kutlay Erk stated that he wanted to meet with Kasulidis in Kutlay Erkthe UN’s building or Ledra Palace at the buffer zone where Lefkoşa International Airport is situated in order to discuss all subjects face to face including Varosha, and to negotiate how progress can be achieved and how the negotiation process can be contributed to, and he hoped Kasulidis would accept the invitation.

Erk completed his speech by emphasizing that the way for building confidence in the Island is dialogue between the two sides.


The Turkish Cypriot Immovable Property Commission (IPC) continues to create anxiety in the Greek Cypriot Administration.

According to the Greek Cypriot newspaper Politis, the Immovable Property Commission is more powerful after including Turkish Gavel hammerand Turkish Cypriot private capital and the Commission is helping Greek Cypriot owners to sell their property to Turkish Cypriots such as Jasmine Court Hotel which has been sold for 10 billion English Pounds and 35 hectares of Acapulco Hotel which have been sold for 3.4 billion English Pounds.

It was underlined in the statement that the Greek Cypriot Administration is trying hard to stop these agreements however the IMPC is recognized by the European Human Rights Court and IMPC is a step forward from the Greek Cypriot Administration.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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