July 3, 2022

Returning Varosha would be a game changer 

By John Aziz Kent

This week I was reading the online Cyprus Mail and made the following comments on an article about what Mr Nicos Anastasiades wants from direct negotiation with Turkey.

“Mr Nicos Anastasiades wants direct negotiation with Turkey. Fine by me provided the Turkish Cypriots are there too. We are the people John Aziz Kent smlthat have been living with our Greek  friends for so many years.

We want to know what is cooking for us, indeed bring into the negotiations, Greece, UK, EU and USA too and finish it, but the Turkish Cypriots have as much right in Cyprus as anybody else.

After all the biggest sufferers through no fault of their own, have been the Cypriot Turks for over 60 years now. I know, I lived most of it. As for Varosha, share it between the Greeks and the international investors who invested  for the benefit of the whole of Cyprus and the Cypriot Turks have rights to this too.

This will create some trust for both sides to go forward . Let’s all be less greedy and share the wealth of Cyprus.  For the Cypriot Greeks or Turks this goes for gas and oil too. The rest is easy to resolve. God bless the whole world, that wants to share equally.” 

Please follow the link below to read this article and perhaps make your own comments.

Returning Varosha would be a game changer : Cyprus Mail

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