February 4, 2023

TFR 3rd Ten Pin Bowling Tournament

By Margaret Sheard

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) held their 3rd Ten Pin Gathering for the TournamentBowling Tournament at King’s Leisure Centre on Wednesday 19th June and it was attended by 20 of their members all eager to get their country’s name on the plaque.

We gathered together and were divided into 5 teams – England, Germany, Sweden and 2 mixed teams named TRNC 1 and TRNC 2. The English team consisted of Chris and I and 2 other TFR members, Dick and Sue. We tried very hard but I am Willi in actionafraid England was not to be on the plaque this time!

The main thing is that everyone enjoyed themselves and after the tournament we all got together in the restaurant area and some of us enjoyed a pizza and a drink while waiting for Brad to work out the scores.

The results were 1st – TRNC 2 with 1216 points; 2nd – TRNC 1 with 1097 points; 3rd Sweden with 1073 points; 4th – Germany with 887 points; 5th – England with 818 points. The highest scorer in the tournament was Ralph Kratzer with 254 points and second Brad presents the plaque to his TRNC 2 teamwas Willi Lindh with 239 points.

So Brad presented the plaque to himself on behalf of the TRNC 2 team. England came last, well never mind, it was a very enjoyable afternoon and we will be looking forward to the next tournament when we can try to do better.

Many thanks to Richard Bradley (Brad) for organising the tournament and sorting us all out into teams to represent our respective countries.

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