February 5, 2023

TRNC News Today 10th June 2013


TRNC President Dr. made a statement concerning the Cyprus problem and said “This can be the last chance, the generations are changing, the generations who are growing up will not be as patient as us, there will not be a community which will carry on the negotiations for another 45 years.”

Eroğlu made a speech in the opening ceremony of Alaniçi Harvest Festival and Çınarlı Cultural and Art Festival and stated that he will seek the agreement opportunities with the Dervis Eroglunew leader of the Greek Cypriot side, Anastasiadis, although the Greek Cypriot side refused all agreement documents produced up to today.

Pointing out that the Cyprus negotiations would not start before October because of the economic crisis in South Cyprus, Eroğlu expressed his wish for solving the Cyprus problem in 1-2 years at the latest.

Stating that Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey put forth their will for a solution however the Greek Cypriot side put forth the will for “un-solution” in the Annan plan, Eroğlu said that every topic on the Cyprus problem was negotiated, the only missing thing is the Greek Cypriot’s will for a solution.

President Eroğlu added: “If there is no intention for a solution, the negotiations will continue for 45 years more. If they do not have the will for a solution, we will understand this in the meetings and we will make our own way”.


Greek Cypriot Newspaper Katimerini, stated that it does not seem possible to reach the targets of the memorandum signed between the EU and South Cyprus. It was underlined in the news that South Cyprus Finance Ministry is spending great efforts in order to reach the envisaged targets however the Cyprus economy drew back in the rate of 4.1% and the unemployment range increased to 15.5 % in the first three months of 2013.


AKEL Secretary General, , expressed that many lies have been told about UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus, Alexander Downer, which should not have been told, and Anastasiadis government madeAlexander Downer many faults regarding Cyprus issue and economy.

Underlining that Anastasiadis’s government has instituted wrong practices about Downer, Kiprianu insisted on the fact that the only solution perspective on the Cyprus issue is a bi-zonal and bi-communal federation.

Regarding Downer’s document, Kiprianu said ‘We achieved a consensus. We accept the point reached’.

Moreover, evaluating the performance of Anastasiadis Government up to today, Kiprianu said that many faults were made on the Cyprus issue which should not have been made.

‘I do not want to declare war against Anastasiadis’s government at the moment but a better performance could be shown for the Downer’s document. The Government told many lies about Downer’s document. Mr. Anastasiadis could say in the beginning that Andros KiprianuDowner demanded from him to keep the document secret that’s why he could not give it to the political parties so the problem could be solved’ Kiprianu added.

Kiprianu also stated: ‘it is not our objective to express the Government’s demand to withdraw Christofias’s proposals because it only aims to sound nice to people instead of focusing on the core of the Cyprus issue. That’s why I want the Government to speak less but discuss the issues with the political parties much more’.

Referring to the letter which was sent to the UN Secretary General about Downer, Kiprianu said ‘The Government’s disturbance about Downer’s strong language could be expressed through diplomacy. I am afraid the letter was published in order to sound nice to the public opinion but these efforts do not serve to the solution of the Cyprus problem’.


It was reported that a large quantity of munitions was dumped in the sea around Zygi (Terazi) village and this causes a big danger to people, the fishing environment and natural gas plans.

Under the headline of ‘Munitions in the Sea’ the Greek Cypriot daily newspaper ‘Fileleftheros’ wrote that the UN asked for information from the Greek Cypriot National Guard (GCNG) related to the effects of dumping munitions on the environment.

Publishing that GCNG has prepared an information note to reply to the UN’s questions, the newspaper wrote that from 1980-1993 a large quantity of munitions were dumped in the sea around Terazi village.

‘Fileleftheros also wrote that 167 different types of munitions were dumped in the sea including howitzers, mines, hand grenades, missiles, rockets and tank grenades.

Stating that there are worrying expressions in a report that the sea flows can waft the munitions to the coast, so it can be dangerous for human life, ‘Fileleftheros’ wrote that the fishermen are also in danger.

Moreover the newspaper published that energy security is in danger due to the dangerous materials in the sea. ‘Fileleftheros’ also reminded that it is planned to build a natural gas terminal and pass the natural gas pipes from the region.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office


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