December 6, 2022

TRNC News Today 6th JUNE 2013


Stating that that Annan plan is not a solution plan and it may bring disorder for the solution of the Cyprus problem, Eroğlu noted that the issues discussed at the negotiation table since 2008 are very important.

Eroğlu said: “The main issue which we insist on is to make an agreement based on the Dervis Eroglu (2)realities in Cyprus. Otherwise, new conflicts will come out and the agreement will turn into a document which causes conflict”.

Expressing that Cyprus issue which has been discussed with all its aspects should be resolved as soon as possible, Eroğlu said that the Turkish Cypriots are willing for a solution and peace in the island, so they would like to reach a solution by taking into consideration the rights and justice of the Turkish Cypriots and motherland Turkey’s historic rights.

President Derviş Eroğlu answered the questions of ‘Academy Politic’ magazine. The interview on (Has been published in Turkish but translation is available).

Eroğlu continued : “What we desire is the UN Secretary-General continuing his duty within the framework of the goodwill mission given by the UN Security Council and to continue the negotiations to reach a comprehensive agreement about the Cyprus issue by determining a road map and a time limit. It is not right to delay the negotiations due to the economic crisis in the South. We had continued to be at the negotiation table while we had a similar crisis before. I hope our Greek Cypriot neighbours will be willing for a solution, otherwise the UN should make an evaluation and put its approach on a real ground which has been continuing since 4th March, 1964. When we consider the power balance and interests in the world, we know that it is not easy. Therefore firstly, we should protect our State and improve our relations with motherland Turkey’’.


Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ambassador to Turkey, Mustafa Lakadamyali, has said the solution in Cyprus depends on the lifting of the isolation imposed on Turkish Cypriots and added ‘as long as the isolations imposed on the Turkish Cypriots continue, Greek Cypriots will not sit at the negotiation table’.

At the TRNC Embassy in Ankara, Lakadamyali evaluated the Cyprus issue and the latest developments to Anadolu Agency and said ‘otherwise Greek Cypriots won’t be willing to sit at the negotiation table to find a solution.’Mustafa Lakadamyali

Referring to the differences in the speeches of the Greek Cypriot leaders before and after elections, Lakadamyali said, ‘the election of Nicos Anastasiadis, chairman of the party which said ‘yes’ to the United Nations peace plan in 2004, as the leader of Greek Cypriots will not be enough to open the road to a solution as expected. In the south of Cyprus, there is a structure called National Council formed by political party leaders. This council decides on the policies related to the Cyprus issue. Any politician can’t do anything contrary to this council’s decisions.’

Lakadamyali stated that the main problem in Cyprus is that Greek Cypriots try to have domination over the whole island. They want to found a State which is under their control only. They want to see Turkish Cypriots as a minority. Their proposals are based on their sovereignty over the whole of Cyprus. They can’t digest equality of Turkish Cypriots.

Ambassador Lakadamyali also mentioned that gas resources have the potential to create problems on the whole region as Greek Cypriots are trying to make researches unilaterally. It must not be forgotten that Turkish Cypriots have equal rights on the resources as a result of the international agreements.


The organization named “Cyprus Stop Trafficking” operating in South Cyprus complained about the Greek Cypriot police to UNHCRY (UN Refugee Agency) by sending two letters dated 17th and 31st May about the reason of deporting a 24 year old Nigerian person, Oba Gerrard, after torturing him.

According to the news of Greek Cypriot daily Simerini, the Nigerian, who was arrested on Cyprus Policeaccount of entering South Cyprus illegally and was released two months later, was deported in February after being arrested following the formation of an arrestment area for unwanted foreign refugees by Greek Cypriot administration.

According to the news, in the letter of complaint sent to High Commissioner of UNHCR, Nasr Ishak, it was stated that Greek Cypriot police battered the Nigerian seriously in the police station and then took him hospital.

It was also stated that the Nigerian travelled in handcuffs and was blanketed from head to toe in the plane.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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