August 19, 2022

John Aziz Kent’s Comments

Turkish Cypriot side denies move for Tymbou Varosha exchange

By John Aziz Kent

Reading the online Cyprus Mail, I felt compelled to make a comment as follows on the article about the Turkish Cypriot side denying the Tymbou/Varosha exchange as follows:

“Mr Anastasidis should take the initiative for the solution. He has all the trump cards in his hands, play them now! Use Varosha and John Aziz Kent smlGas for the people of Cyprus. Use them fairly and equally for both side.

Propose them to the world arena and if you are sincere, Turkey is ready to accept. The Turkish Cypriots have suffered enough. If you keep dilly dallying the Greek people will start, as indeed they are now suffering. Finish the ongoing 70 year problem Mr President. I am sure you have the courage to convince your  political parties and the church for a truthful and fair solution for all.

Let fairness and the truth solve the problem and be a great Cypriot President in the history of Cyprus.”

Do follow this Cyprus Mail link below  to read this article and the various comments about the possibility of the exchange of Varosha based upon the opening of Ercan (Tymbou) airport to international traffic.

CYPRUS MAIL 6th June 2013.

Editors Note: 

Cyprusscene published a TRNC Public Information Office report on this issue as follows:

TRNC News Today 3rd June 2013click here

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