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TRNC News Today 28th May 2013


TRNC President Dervis Eroğlu said that a solution has not been found for the Cyprus problem because there is lack of solution will in South Cyprus.

Reminding that the Greek Cypriots have elected a new president, Eroğlu said: “A new president means a new expectation but it is not cDervis Eroglulear if it is going to be a positive development for this expectation. We shall see this at the negotiation table”.

Eroğlu received a delegation from Kemer Municipality headed by Mayor of Kemer, Mustafa Gul, who came to the island to sign the sister municipality protocol with the Lapta Municipality and Mayor of Lapta Municipality, Fuat Namsoy.

Stating that during his political history, he has tried to improve the relations between Turkey and the TRNC, Eroğlu said that he is pleased with the current relations with Turkey.  

Expressing that assurance of life and future has a great importance for the Turkish Cypriots, Eroğlu said that Motherland Turkey stands by the TRNC people and gives all her support in every area.


TRNC President Dervis Eroğlu is going to meet with Alexander Downer, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General on Cyprus, today.

According to the statement made by the Presidency, Eroğlu will receive Downer at 12.30pm.


Prime Minister Irsen Küçük said that the Cyprus negotiation process should not be delayed due to the economic problems of the Greek Cypriot side and added that he is very hopeful for the new negotiation process.

It was stated that Prime Minister Küçük was the guest of Voice of America and answered the questions regarding the negotiations. According to the statement of the Prime Ministry, Küçük said that studies have been continuing to determine the date and procedure of the Leaders’ meeting. Expressing that there is a delay in the Cyprus negotiation Irsen Küçükprocess due to the Greek Cypriot side’s economic problems, Küçük said that South Cyprus should take the necessary measures not to delay the negotiation process.

As an answer to the question ‘ Can the natural gas resources save the economy?’, Küçük said ‘ Natural gas will contribute to the economy but big investments and time are needed to overcome the difficulties’.

Moreover, Küçük added that the natural gas to be explored should be used by the two communities in the island.

Referring to the issue of water supply from Turkey, Küçük said that 75 cubic meters of water to be brought from Turkey will be portable water. Adding that we will have stable agriculture thanks to the water project, Küçük referred to the big contribution of water to the economy and said that if an agreement is reached in Cyprus, Greek Cypriot people will be able to use water to be brought from Turkey.


Foreign Affairs Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoğlu, stated that because of the absence of political will of the Greek Cypriot Administration, a comprehensive solution has not been found in Cyprus in spite of the attempts made by Turkey and the TRNC.

According to the information obtained from the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Davutoğlu made a speech at the 51st Partnership Council Meeting of Turkey and the EU and touched upon the Cyprus problem.

In the statement obtained from the Ministry, Davutoğlu drew attention to the Cyprus problem which is seen as an obstacle in front of Turkey’sAhmet Davutoğlu membership by the EU, and underlined that these two issues were completely different.

Stating that there is dissension between EU and Turkey in respect of the implementation of the protocol, Davutoğlu reminded of the decision dated 26 April 2004 of the EU Council concerning the ending of the isolations imposed upon Turkish Cypriots. It was stated in the statement that Davutoğlu expressed that if this commitment is fulfilled, Turkey is ready to take steps further.

Davutoğlu also emphasized that a comprehensive solution has not been found in Cyprus in spite of the attempts made by Turkey and the TRNC because of the absence of political will of the Greek Cypriot Administration. Davutoğlu also added that a political solution on the Island will help the Greek Cypriot Administration to overcome the economical crisis.


Turkish Energy Minister, Taner Yıldız, made a statement to Murat Yetkin, the Editor in Chief of the Hurriyet Daily News, and said that they are ready to co-operate with their Southern neighbours who are rich in gas resources for the exploration and marketing of the natural gas to world’s market.

Minister Yıldız underlined that the Israeli Government and both the Greek and Turkish Taner YildizGovernments of the divided Cyprus know that the most economically feasible way to export their gas to Europe is via pipelines through Turkey. All the figures are showing that the best way to carry gas to Europe is via Turkey but Turkey is not planning to abuse its geographic location, she is calling for all parties to co-operate.

Yıldız also touched upon to the Cyprus Issue and said that gas resources have been found around the island of Cyprus and they are supporting the idea of using this opportunity to reach a solution in the island.  Yıldız reminded that Greek Cypriot’s should recognize the rights of the Turkish Cypriot Government, pay the Turks’ share from the gas as the Turks have already stated that they were ready to give the Greeks’ share from their production and this is a must for Turkey and Turkey forwarded their thoughts about this issue with their American counterparts.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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