January 31, 2023

NCCCT Coffee Morning at the Dome Hotel

By Margaret Sheard

The monthly NCCCT coffee morning took place at the Dome Hotel in Girne on Tuesday 14th May and there were around 140 people attending so it was a good turn-out for this very popular event.

With the weather we have been experiencing over the last few days Coffee on the terraceit was nice to see a lovely sunny morning and the event was held outside on the terrace with a beautiful sea view. There were many stalls around the perimeter of the terrace and after collecting our coffee and cakes and sitting and enjoying them we wandered around to see what was on offer.

There were many familiar faces there and I spotted Angela and Pauline mingling with the guests and also Gűrcan Ahmet (Easy G) and his wife Yildiz (Liz) who have a regular stall at the coffee mornings but sadly they are leaving the island at the end of June for a new life in the UK. Easy G will be greatly Home produced food for salemissed for his fantastic performances at many venues in North Cyprus in the past and I am sure there are many who will wish him and his family a happy future in the UK.

Mike Alican was in his usual place welcoming guests at the door and Carole Lloyd was also doing her usual task of encouraging people to buy raffle tickets.

At around mid-day the raffle took place and there were some nice prizes to be won. Angela made some announcements and the Taking it easy at the coffee morningstallholders then started to pack up their wares and people started to make their way home.

I spoke to Angela before leaving and she asked me to convey her thanks to The Dome Hotel for providing the tea and coffee and also she wanted to thank Mehmet for his donation of some of the cakes for the event. Mehmet is a committee member and also does a lot of work with the Heartbeat shop as well as having a stall at the coffee mornings as well.

Angela also told me that the committee have just agreed to release the funds for a Digital Computerised System which will analyse such things as moles and skin lesions which could become a problem if not detected. The go-ahead is now to be given to the Girne State Hospital for the equipment to be ordered whichRaffle prizes is going to amount to 34,000TL. This is yet another improvement for the health of those living in the TRNC and thanks are given to all of the supporters of NCCCT who make this possible by regularly attending their events.

The amount raised at the May coffee morning was 2,353TL, a brilliant result, and in addition there was a further 1,000TL donated by Barbara Fursman and her husband Graham of The Lodge in Ҫatalkoy which was raised from the Trigg’s Quiz. A huge thank you from NCCCT.

Don’t forget there is a lunch and fashion show at Le Jardin in Ҫatalkoy on Tuesday 21st May 12.30 for 1pm (Tickets available at the Heartbeat Shop) and also the next coffee morning will be held at The Lodge in Ҫatalkoy on 11th June, both events in aid of NCCCT.

It was nice and maybe very lucky that the sun shone for the coffee morning at the Dome as not long after arriving home there came what seems to be the regular daily thunder, lightning and rain we are experiencing at the moment!

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