October 2, 2022

John Aziz Kent’s Comments

Alexander Downer’s odious transgression

By John Aziz Kent

Reading a disturbing article this week in the Cyprus Mail online, I felt compelled to make a comment and this I am sharing with you and also the  link so you can read the full article that was published.

 Alexander Downer’s odious transgression

By Andrestinos N. Papadopoulos – Published on May 8, 2013 by Cyprus Mail

“It is quite obvious, that when the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-general, Alexander DownerMr. Alexander Downer met, as it was reported, the so-called foreign minister and prime minister of the illegal regime in the north, he was aiming at upgrading the so-called Turkish-Cypriot state.

Moreover, according to reports, he tried to organise through the British High Commission, which pretends that it favours the reunion of Cyprus, a meeting of the ambassadors of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (P5) in the occupied areas”.

My comment to this article is as follows:

“Only the recognition of the true facts can bring a solution, because of my age I know John Aziz Kent smlthe truth and how everything started. Whatever it is we must look to go forward in this modern time before we destroy ourselves by saying No, No, No to everything suggested to us.

We have to both of us live on this beautiful island together or side by side but need to resolve it somehow.”

 To read this article in full from from Cyprus Mail and other comments, click below




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