December 6, 2022

News from GAU

Greek Cypriot obstruction yet again!

By Margaret Sheard

We have received some news items from Girne American University and one of them refers to the continuing apathy towards North Cyprus and in this case yet another incident of obstruction with regard to the University. This incident was also reported in our TRNC News Today article of 10th April, which is supplied by the Public Information Office.

This is what the Chancellor of GAU, Serhat Akpinar had to say about the incident.

Greek Cypriots Proved Their Unfriendliness Once Again

The Astrophysics and Space Sciences Research Centre which was to be established in the TRNC for the first time, the protocol signed amongst GAU and Kazakhstan Astrophysics Institute was Serhat Akpinarattempted to be undermined.

The Greek Cypriots added one other new political attack against the TRNC universities after the political co-operation set by the trio of Russia-Kazakhstan-Greek Cyprus part of South Cyprus.

GAU Science Committee was faced with an unfriendly attempt by Greek Cypriots while visiting Kazakhstan for the establishment of the Astrophysics and Space Sciences Research Centre in the TRNC.

The pressures and unfriendly attempts were officially remonstrated by the GAU Chancellor’s Office Founding Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators, Serhat Akpınar.

It has been emphasized that the GAU science family will overcome the pressures and preventions via its sound will and belief on scientific production. It has also been underlined that recently there had been pressures against foreign students which this incident had reflected to public perception and yet the unfriendly policies against TRNC universities had been emphasized. GAU will continue to show willingness towards significant scientific production projects to be co-operated with international education institutions.

It has further been stated in the explanation that GAU will participate in full faith to keep the idea of “global power of the sciences and will never surrender against politics” as vivid. The prevention attempts towards Northern Cyprus universities and establishments are significant messages which need to be taken into consideration by the State. Further details on the incident will be made public in the near future.

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