May 31, 2023

6th Lapta Tourism Festival

By Margaret Sheard

We have always been so impressed with the organising skills of Berke Ertopaloğlu of the Lapta Belediyesi and he is not failing us 2.with the results of the many events which are being held as part of the 6th Lapta Tourism Festival. I noticed a comment he made today on Facebook that he was “shattered” and I am not surprised because not only was he at the Fishing event but also the Motorcycle Tour both on the same day and this still did not deter him from sending out the results and information about the two events. So thank you Berke and we are pleased to share this information through our website and our community network sharing sites.

Sunday 21st April – FISHING RESULTS

Spear Fishing
1. Mustafa Akyuz – Kemal Gurpinar
2. Zekai Ferhatoglu – Anver Mufezlov
3. Gokhan Bulut – Ecevit Cakar

Biggest Fish
Mustafa Akyuz – Kemal Gurpinar

Rod & Line Fishing1.
1. Nail Akyuz
2. Aziz Sulun
3. Osman Caganaga

Biggest Fish
Nail Akyuz

So there we have it and there are still plenty more different and varied events taking place during the next few months so look out for information about what is still to come. Check our Events Calendar which is published weekly and gives up to date information of many events in North Cyprus.

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