May 31, 2023

Children in Need Foundation – Presentation to Hasan Cafer School

By Margaret Sheard

The Children in Need Foundation recently made a presentation to the Hasan CafeMally Torris (front 3rd from right) Lesley Fairley (back 2nd from left) John Torris (back 3rd from left)r State School in Karakum when Mally Torris and Lesley Fairley handed over a range of sports equipment for children whose parents are not able to afford to provide personal items for their children.

The items which were supplied included running shoes, football boots, table tennis bats and footballs and represents the second tranche of equipment which has been provided by CINF to the Sports Department of the Hasan Cafer School.

John Torris of CINF recently sourced 45 pairs of football boots for the school and said that he was keen to be involved as, whilst he enjoyed a career as a professional football player, he recalls the time when he started playing football at school in borrowed boots and from this experience knows how Mally Torris and Lesley Fairley with School staffimportant this equipment is to these children.

CINF have now provided a total of 2,500TL worth of equipment to the school and in addition they are reviewing the possibility of sponsoring some of the brightest and neediest children in conjunction with the Headmaster so that these children can afford to participate in specialist activities and events.

This is yet another example of the good work of the Children in Need Foundation in their quest to help the needy and less fortunate children of  the TRNC


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