December 10, 2023

Cyprus bailout: Ugly Germans?

By Ralph Kratzer

It is almost unbelievable what a crisis in a relatively small country like the Republic of Cyprus has caused in the wide world….FlagSouthCyprus

Not only is the world community suddenly aware of Cyprus but also the fact that it is still a divided nation in which the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus has had to suffer for decades.

No, now the Germans are back in the international cross-fire!

The age-old prejudices against Germany come back to life, a fact which is hardly understood by the majority of the German people.

Not to be misunderstood: Only a part of the Germans agree with the domestic and foreign policy of the government under the Chancellor Angela Merkel, and I personally find it very Merkelunfair that the people of the Republic of Cyprus should be treated harder by the EU than the people of Greece, Spain, Portugal and other help seeking nations in the European Community….. but we should not forget that this is an election year in Germany, which means that no politician wants to appear soft when – again – it comes to giving away the money of hard working taxpayers who are also voters.

It is obviously easier for the politicians in the countries concerned by the crises not to tell their inhabitants about the decades of mismanagement, the lax oversight over the banks etc….

But to look after a common enemy abroad is not the right way at all!

An old German saying (which may be worldwide) is: “do not bite the hand that feeds you….”

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