August 11, 2022

Trevor’s Tips – March 2013

By Trevor Hughes

Car Related Documents

Since the last issue of News Round, I have had a number of replies in support and even two [2] replies telling me that they had been stopped by the Police Authorities undertaking their usual document checks and they were happy to accept copies of all the relevant vehicle related paperwork.


I have just gone through the process of renewing my UK passport from here in the TRNC. I am pleased to announce the whole procedure went through within four [4] weeks and was absolutely flawless. The British High Commission rang me the other day, informing me that my new passport was awaiting my collection. Wow, what a service!!!!!

Collecting your new passport will require you to go to British passportthe British High Commission [Shakespeare House] in Lefkosa. Opening times are Tuesdays and Fridays between 10.00 – 1400 hrs.

For collection, take some form of self-identification, which must include a recent photograph of yourself [UK or TRNC driving licence will suffice]. You can request someone to collect it on your behalf if you so wish. That person must have a signed letter from you, to include [in writing] that the passport holder is authorising the named person to collect the passport on their behalf. The letter must be signed by the passport holder, so the High Commission can compare signatures with that on the new passport. The person collecting your passport must also take some form of self-identification, again to include a recent photograph of himself or herself.

The current cost for a 32 page passport is 163 euro’s and 25 euro’s courier costs.


Hospital Treatment

If you are attending a State run hospital for treatment or consultation, there is a new procedure to follow upon arrival. Go to the polyclinic and register yourself, taking your passport with you. They will, in turn, issue you with an appropriate ticket at a cost of 16 TL, together with a Barcode type sticker. This sticker needs to be put on the inside left hand page at the rear of your passport. You can then proceed to the appropriate clinic and wait your turn. The purpose of the Barcode ticket is for your benefit, because  if you need to make a further visit, the medical staff can enter your computer record via the Barcode sticker and familiarise themselves with your medical history.

Can I suggest that you go to the hospital at around 07.00am, as the queue grows very quickly indeed.

Road Traffic Accident

If you are involved in a road traffic accident, and the police require you to attend the police station with them, make sure you have all the necessary car related documents to hand. It is standard procedure for the police to obtain a statement from the named person[s] in the log book, whether they were in the vehicle at time of accident or not, or even if he/she was at home and knows nothing about the accident. All the police require from the third party is a statement saying that “you were not the driver of the vehicle at time of accident, or that you were somewhere else at the time of the accident. “the     

Personal Information

If you are going out on your own, taking a cycle ride, or walking in the mountains for example, can I suggest you carry, on your person, some form of personal identification [eg your driving licence] and a contact phone number. This will assist the Authorities to contact the next of kin should you suffer death due to a heart attack, or even as a result of a car accident. How will the Authorities, after finding your body, contact someone for you, if they can’t identify who you are?


Sue Tutty, the proprietor of Club Ilgaz has some allotments for those of you who are keen to grow organic vegetables. There is no charge, all they are asking, is for them to receive a small amount of the produce grown, which will be used in their own restaurant.

For more details contact Sue Tutty on 0533 820 7773 or e-mail her on

Sue has also started Thursday lunches from 12 noon through to 15.00 hrs for those who wish to try the ultimate cod + chips and mushy peas.  A two [2] course meal [starter or dessert] costs only 25 T L. I have tried this for myself and must say it is well worth giving it a go.

Blood Donations

You may have seen in the local press about a” Blood Donor Early Warning System”. Whilst it is not the baby of any one organisation, some of our colleagues in the CESV have played a big part in organising it!

The system will be used in times of emergency i.e. an operation – I am sure many of you will have heard of people ringing around for blood Hand held news deliverywhen someone is going to have an operation, or needs a transfusion – this system will make that task so much easier.  Also in times of a major incident this system will prove to be invaluable to the Health Authorities.

All you need to do is text your blood group and nearest state hospital where you live on 0542 880 0112 – that is all the information required – the only personal details are your phone number and blood group. Your name will not be required, unless you are called to give blood, when you will need to submit more information about yourself to the hospital.  Anyone below the age of 70 can take part in the scheme.

When/if you receive a text requiring your blood group, you can either reply to the text, or go to the hospital where the text has come from and donate your blood.  Should you already be a ‘regular’ donor, your blood donation will still be credited to you with the organisation to which you usually donate your blood.

Life Certificate

Because you live outside the UK and are in receipt of a UK State Pension, you must now send proof to The Pensions Service, via their official declaration form IPC SU 698 05/10, that you are still alive!  This will allow them to continue paying your State Pension. However, you do not need to do anything until you have received their official form.

When you have received the form, it is important they receive your reply within eight [8] weeks from the date on the top of the form. If they haven’t received your reply after the eight [8] week period, they will send out a duplicate form for completion. If they still haven’t received said form, your State pension will be STOPPED, until you have completed the form and returned it to them! If your State pension has been stopped, you should give them a call on +44 191 21 87777 to sort out the problem. If and when you call them, they are extremely polite and helpful.

If any reader would like a copy of the form, I have a few at my Lambousa Saturday Market stall, but please request a copy via my e-mail address so that I have sufficient forms to hand out! These forms are for familiarization purposes only and should not be used to circumvent the system

I rang the Pensions Department in the UK the other day, who informed me that if I have not received the form, I should not do anything until I have received it! I explained to them that our postal system here can be somewhat erratic and that it is quite possible for me not to receive any post at all. The only way I could know that I should have completed and returned the form is by way of noticing that my State Pension has been withheld.

It is equally important, that if you have a UK address, someone there needs to check your post, in order to inform you accordingly, as the Pensions Department will have sent their form to your UK address; otherwise your pension will be stopped and you could be left financially embarrassed. The UK Authorities know your whereabouts via passport control over there. 

The above telephone number is also the number to ring if you have a question relating to the “Winter Fuel Allowance”.

British Summer Time

Please remember that British Summer time begins this year at 01.00 on Sunday 31st March. Therefore you will need to put your clocks forward by 1 [one] hour on that day/morning. Important if you are flying out on that day!!!!


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