January 30, 2023

A Friendly Get-Together with TFR

We had a friends’ get-together with Heinz, Horst & Annerose and Ralph & Heidi of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC and we were also joined by Jochen, a good friend of Heinz and a member of TFR.

We met up at The Aeria Bar which is the Friday afternoon meeting place of TFR for their members’ weekly get-together with the Committee and other members to have a pleasant couple of hours together exchanging news and putting the world to rights.

Melisa (left) and Savas, Annerose is on the rightWe then travelled off in convoy to the Lemba Restaurant in Lapta and were greeted by Savaş and Ayten Ergor and their young daughter Melissa and we sat down at our table ready to enjoy the evening.  First came the mezes which were lovely followed by the main course of a huge piece of lamb with potatoes and vegetables on each plate and separate salad and there was a massive vegetarian casserole which had been pre-ordered for myself.  I had to admit defeat and ask for a “doggy bag” but I enjoyed the rest of the casserole the next day for my lunch.

The fire in the corner was banked up giving a lovely glow and atmosphere to the room which is part of a very old stone built building where the family live as well as running the restaurant.

Melissa obviously knew that Heinz liked to Enjoying the eveningplay the guitar and she made sure as soon as we had finished eating that Heinz would give us a song or two.  The evening progressed with lots of singing, jokes and laughter and eventually Ayten started to sort out some music for dancing and we were up on the floor having a whale of a time to both western and Turkish music with Ayten joining in and showing us how to dance.

Jochen had receivWhat is Jochen up toed some good news during the day and I suspect he was celebrating this and had us all in fits of laughter at his antics on the dance floor, he was so funny. 

All too soon the evening was drawing to a close and we were sad to be leaving but must say the TFR committee and members are so welcoming and for sure they know how to enjoy themselves.  Here’s to another evening with these great people in the not too distant future.

I understand that TFR are now organising some social events for 2013 and these will definitely be in our diary.

By Margaret Sheard

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