December 10, 2023

Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips)

Golden Heart Raffle

The big day arrived on Friday 11th January for the grand draw of the 2013 GoldGolden Hearten Heart Raffle.  This was held at St Andrew’s Church Hall in Girne and there was a good crowd of people there to find out the results of Carole and Sue’s hard work, together with their supporters, to raise a substantial amount for Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips).

Unfortunately, Raziye Kocaismail was unable to be there but Engin Savim stepped in and took her place to represent Tulips for this great occasion.    Tea, coffee and lovely cakes were on sale as well as other items to raise even more funds for the charity.

Carole and Sue welEngin Savim receives the chequecomed everyone and thanked them for their support and also the sponsors, with particular reference to Multimax who had sponsored all of the printing costs as well as prizes, and also the Little Society of Kyrenia who had not only donated prizes but had also rounded up this year’s amount as well as the amount raised the previous year.  Carole introduced Engin Savim, presented him with a cheque for Tulips and the draw then commenced.

Rather than relate the outcome of the Golden Heart Raffle myself I think it more appropriate to use Carole and Sue’s own words and this is what they had to say about this marvellous fund-raising event.

“The first news to share with you is that the total figure raised in the Tulips Golden Heart Raffle (2013) is a massive 15,000 TL!!

Ticket sales this year were 14,565 TL plus the Little Society of Kyrenia have been extremely generous (we say this because they also donated the SamEngin Savim with the cheque for 15,000TLsung Galaxy 2 tablet and the Amazon Kindle Fire prizes) in donating a further 435 TL to round the total up to 15,000 TL. Last year our tickets sales were 13,135 TL with a donation from Little Society of Kyrenia of 865 TL so we well and truly beat last year’s figures.

On the morning of the raffle we were selling tea, coffee and cakes plus we ran a couple of stalls which raised a further 460 TL for Tulips.

We are both shocked and stunned. Neither of us thought that we would reach this amazing figure considering that only a couple of weeks before Christmas we were setting our sights on 10,000TL as we had reached 7,000TL in sales but the support that we received in the last few weeks of tickets sales has been unbelievable and heart-warming andGetting ready for the draw we would like to say a ‘huge’ thank you to all that bought tickets because without this overwhelming support we would not have been able to raise as much as we did.

We cannot thank all our sponsors enough for their support and neither can we thank our supporters enough for buying so many tickets.

We would also like to we thank you for supporting us with the publicity which has, without a doubt, helped us tremendously.

Carole and Sue “

Carole and Sue have also supplied a list of the winning ticket numbers and you can view this by clicking here

So there we have it, a tremendously successful result thanks to Carole and Sue who work tirelessly to raise as much as they can for Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) and of course not forgetting the supporters who assist them at many events to keep the funds rolling in.   It is a never-ending quest and without people like Carole and Sue, who knows what would happen to this, and of course many other, charities who rely on the help of the Cypriot people and expatriates to enable them to continue to help others.

By Margaret Sheard

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