January 31, 2023

In September 2006 I visited the National Archive building in Kyrenia [Girne] and was told the history of the lovely building … that I have, of course, now forgotten. As I had previously run a folk museum in the UK I was surprised to find that I was allowed to handle elderly documents and books – no cotton/latex gloves here – an could take photos as I wished … with flash. Included here are some photos of the building and some of its preserved items.

The Cyprus Blue Book was an annual compilation of statistics by the British Colonial Government.

Tony Woods

1 thought on “2006 photos around Kyrenia’s National Archives

  1. Thank you Tony, this article is much appreciated and our stats show a lot of your pictures have had clicks today. I will copy your article link to Milli Arşiv to let them know of our continued support for their important and valuable work.

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