January 31, 2023

GAU Exhibition of Recycled Christmas Trees Ends

Following our recent visit to the Girne American University to view the exhibition of GAU logoRecycled Christmas Trees, we have received and are pleased to publish this information received from GAU about the event and the subsequent prize giving.

“The Exhibition of “Recycled Christmas Trees”  had ended after the certification ceremony held in Girne American University (GAU), Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts.

This Exhibition was Organized with an Environmentalist Perception”

Vice-Chancellor of GAU Board of Administrators and CE,  Dr. Asım Vehbi, Chancellor of GAU Health, Culture and Sports Department, Türkay Akpınar, GAU Vice-Rectors Assoc. Prof. Dr. Olgun Çiçek and Assoc. Prof.Viewing the exhibits Dr. Zafer Ağdelen, GAU General Secretary Dr. Sualp Davut have attended the opening of the exhibition of 30 recycled and illuminated Christmas trees which were produced by the students of Girne American University (GAU), Architecture and Interior Architecture Department.

Vice-Dean of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts Faculty Assist. Prof. Dr. Hossein Sadri said that the exhibition which been organized with an environmentalist perception to increase the sensitivity on the understanding of avoiding the chopping of the trees and the damage caused to the environment, and on the other hand to update the knowledge of the effect of minimizing the consumption via recycle process. Assist. Prof. Dr. Hossein Sadri has also showed appreciation to the teaching staff of Architecture Department Aslıhan Aldış who undertook the organization of the exhibition and to those students who exhibited their works and  finally to the university authorities for A prize richly deservedtheir participation and support in the exhibition.

Vice-Chancellor of GAU Board of Administrators and CE, Dr. Asım Vehbi emphasized the importance of the environment issues and also the importance of discussing recycling and stated that GAU is arranging various activities to raise the sensitivity of this need.  He then congratulated the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts students and teaching staff for the organization of the exhibition. 

The ranking work owners were presented with certificates by the Vice-Chancellor of GAU Board of Administrators and CEO Dr. Asım Vehbi”

We invite our readers to click on the following link which will take them to our article about this exhibition and concept and also to view the incredible work of these students. Recycled Christmas Trees

By Chris Elliott


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