January 30, 2023

BRT Radio this weekend!

For you fans of music and also human interest stories, this weekend on BRT Radio is a great one with DJ Mike’s Jukebox Show and Denise Phillips, Main Event show and if you need tempting further please read the following which Pam Schofield has written about this weekend’s events.

“Hi there one and all, a happy new year to anyone that I haven’t already said it to.

Just to let you know that myself and Mike will be a double act Pam and Mike have a few moments together.on Bayrak radio this weekend. We have recorded a chat show called The Main Event which follows Mike’s Jukebox show at 11am. If you already listen to the Jukebox show then just stay tuned, if you do not listen to the Jukebox show – WHY NOT???? Anyway, we are on at 11 o clock this Sunday the 6th of January, talking about our background and why we came to live in North Cyprus – we have also chosen a nice selection of music to grace your lugholes!

Here in the TRNC you can get it by tuning your radio to 105 or 87.8 FM. For those of you in the UK it will be on at 9am – it’s worth getting up early for – I promise! To listen on line you type BRTK into your browser, click on BRT which brings up the Bayrak home page, then look for the menu on the right of your screen. Look on the list for international broadcasts or it may say Bayrak Int. Just click on that and it should open up your media player directly into Bayrak radio. Hope you will all be listening to us

Love Pam.”

Don’t forget folks, if you are browsing on cyprusscene.com on Sunday morning, click on our side BRT button, then select under BRT Radio live streaming,  “Bayrak Int Live” and join Mike and Pam for a fun filled morning from 10.00am with DJ Mike’s “The Juke Box Show” and then Pam and Mike join, Denise Phillips on her show, “The Main Event” at 11.00am. Listen in and have a great weekend!

By Chris Elliott 

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