February 4, 2023

A History of Winemaking – An Illustrated Narrative

A journey through the Vineyards of History with Keith Lloyd

We recently posted an article announcing that there would be a talk given by Keith Lloyd at the Kings Bar, Esentepe on 6th December 2012 at 7.30pm and in reply to those that have shown great interest and requested further information, Keith Lloyd has provided the following preview of the talk to come.

“The Narrative is entitled A History, as opposed to THE History of Wine. Why is this?”

“Quite simply, the subject is vast, ancient (Winemaking being at least a 9,000 years old tradition), and widely open to interpretation. Ask any group of wine historians about any aspect of wine and you will receive a different answer every time.

However, there are common threads of historical fact most wine buffs will agree on; so this informative and entertaining stroll through the vineyards of history uses this qualified and substantiated data as a basis for compiling A History of Winemaking.

And what a fascinating journey it turns out to be.  Starting about 9,000 years ago in Eastern Europe when early man discovered that rotting wild grapes went through a natural fermentation process to produce a sweet intoxicating liquid; to the present day when the World’s ever- growing population seems to have an insatiable appetite for ‘Heaven’s Nectar’. 

Comprising about three hundred pictures in 100 slides, this forty-five minute talk will show you how winemaking has progressed from an accident of discovery to the multi-million pound business it is today.  From its early beginnings in the centre of the then known world, to a modern Global enterprise featuring grape varieties and wine variations, some of which you will probably recognise.

Cyprus, Turkey and Greece are given some prominence in the narrative, being two quite early producers or importers of wine, as we know from our knowledge of the Kyrenia Shipwreck housed in the ancient Castle down by the harbour.  This craft dating from c.300BC is known to have been carrying up to 300 Amphora of Wine from the island Kingdom of Rhodes. 

We also know for certain that Cypriots were making wine from harvested vine stock by 32000 BC. As Thucydides, father of political realism in history, asserts that “The peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to cultivate the olive and the vine

Sponsored by Cape Wines the talk, A History of Winemaking, will be presented at The Kings Bar at Esentepe on Thursday 6th December 2012 commencing at 7.30pm.  Look forward to a Cheese Platter and a free glass of South African wine of your choice.  Entry is free, although there will be cash collection, the proceeds of which will go to The Royal British Legion to support their work in helping injured Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Air Force personnel, or their dependents”.

With thanks to Keith Lloyd for this most enlightening preview of the talk to come and we will be there to record this evening and we hope to meet some of our readers there as well.

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By Chris Elliott

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