February 5, 2023

Joint Girne Municipality/KADS Presentation to SOS and KAR

Monday 5th November saw a small gathering of the press in the Girne Municipality Cultural Theatre to record Girne Mayor, Sümer Aygin and Lawrie Oxley, Director of KADS – Kyrenia Amateur Dramatic Society making a donation to SOS Children’s Villages’ President, Erdil Nami and Kyrenia Animal Rescue, KAR Chairperson, Margaret Ray.

For those of our readers that don’t know,  the Girne Municipality have a superb theatre in the Municipality building close by the Police Station. It is here for some years now that KADS have made their home with the support of the Municipality and many wonderful plays have been staged and from the invitation proceeds, donations have been made to many charities.

On this occasion Mayor Sümer Aygin said “First of all I would like to thank all members of KADS and the British community that come to the performances at our Cultural Theatre.

I would like also to thank all KAR members who  work so hard to care for animals and we know how difficult their task is and also thank them for working with us to deal with the problems of unwanted animals.

We also would like to thank the Directors and Members of SOS Children’s Villages for their hard work to look after the care and education of those children that need help.

For me, today it is a very emotional and important day as the 3 most important things that bring us all together is animals, children and the theatre. I would like to remind you of what Neil Armstrong said when he first stepped on the moon, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”.

Today has perhaps been that first step with the donation that we are making together with KADS and we look forward to many more occasions such as this. The Girne Municipality is strong with some very important projects starting including the Sports and Leisure Park that has its opening ceremony this week”.

Mayor Sümer Aygin on behalf of KADS made a donation of 3,843TL which was shared with both KAR and SOS and the Girne Municipality announced they were making a further donation of 1000 TL to both SOS and KAR and Erdil Nami and Margaret Ray were delighted with this news. 

On behalf of SOS, Erdil Nami said ” We are an international charity looking after 300 children here in North Cyprus and receive no money from  the government and your help is so important to help us with our cause and we would like to express our thanks to both Mr Mayor and Mr Oxley for their organisations’ joint efforts to help us”. 

Margaret Ray of KAR said ” Thank you Mr Mayor and Mr Oxley, your joint help is so much appreciated and we would also like to thank the Mayor for allowing us to work with the Municipality to care for and look after those unwanted animals. I would also like to thank all of those supporters who help us and we can only do as much as the donations will allow us”  

On behalf of KADS Lawrie Oxley said,  “Thank you Mr Mayor for allowing us to use this beautiful theatre and thank you also to Serdar Tuksal and his team here at the theatre for helping us stage our plays, without their help we could not achieve the success we have had. We have another play to stage shortly and we will be working hard to promote this and to make sure it is a success so we can continue to help charities”

For our readers that visit cyprusscene.com, we would like to share the news that we have written a number of articles this week about the Girne Municipality projects and also the history of KADS which makes compelling viewing and hopefully will encourage many local readers to attend their  future performances..

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For those that would like to read more of the very important work of KAR and SOS,  please click on their Icons that are shown on the right hand side of this screen.   

By Chris Elliott

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