December 10, 2023

Grup Umut at The Bedesten

for Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips)

I have on a few occasions met Gőnűl and Gőkhan Gőkberk, a brother and sister who attend the Hope and Education Culture Centre (Umut Eğitim ve Kűltűr Evi) in Lefkoşa, and are part of a group of 6 musicians formed at the centre who play together and raise funds for Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips). 

They have once again arranged a concert, in support of Tulips, which will be at the Bedesten in Lefkoşa on Friday 14th December starting at 8pm.  Entrance fee 10TL.   This will be a lovely concert to attend as well as raising much needed funds for Tulips.   

The programme for the concert can be viewed on the following link. Click here

If you would like to hear a sample of Grup Umut’s music click here

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