August 9, 2022

After a gap of a year we were back in the TRNC

It was great fun for us to have a holiday in 1998 in Jamaica, but the following year saw us back again in the TRNC … The Really Nice Cyprus … twice. We returned in May with friends and later in October with family.

The pig at St Andreas Monastery
Otel Livana, Karpaz
Greek Cypriot lady looking after the Church at St Andreas.

Some of the many photos are, as usual, of a historic nature as they cannot be taken now in 2012 and a number are repeat visits to sites as we showed them off to the new visitors. Additionally some photos are in Sepia as 35mm started a last ditch fight against the new fad … ‘Digital’.

To view these memories click on: 1999 May in North Cyprus

Bellapais and its Abbey from the road up the hill.
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