March 21, 2023

KADS Dress Rehearsal

 The first dress rehearsal of the KADS comedies

By Margaret Sheard….

I went along to the first dress rehearsal of the KADS comedies which are to be performed at the Girne Culture Centre Theatre from 28th to 30th June 7.30pm for 8pm when there will be a performance of two comedies each evening – “Joining the Club” and “Last Tango in Kyrenia”.  This is a small but well laid out theatre which seats around 100 people and is ideal for these types of plays.

The actors and actresses were all there with the director and the sound and lighting people, all ready to start. I settled myself down in the very comfortable seating at the theatre ready to watch the dress rehearsal and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised.  The first comedy is to be “Joining the Club” which is performed by just 2 people – Stephen Everett and Rezan Şekerzade, the whole comedy takes place in their living room with very funny dialogue which is as much as I am going to say.     The other comedy is “Last Tango in Kyrenia” which sometimes has a little risqué but very amusing dialogue.  There are 4 members of the cast – Caroline and Don Attwood, Phil Lucock and Wyn Harrison.  Again I am not going to give away the plot but would say that both comedies are well worth seeing, they are both fairly short and on the performance nights there will be an interval between the two plays.   I was amazed to notice during the “Joining the Club” play, the male character was reading a newspaper at one stage, guess which one – Cyprus Weekly Observer.  Well, well, well.

The Director – Lawrie Oxley was very attentive at this first dress rehearsal and I think he was very pleased and proud of his performers.  They have been rehearsing for both plays twice a week since February and are really looking forward to the three nights they will actually be performing in front of an audience.

From what I saw at the rehearsal, this looks as if it is going to be a fantastic performance so if you like theatre, or even if you don’t normally attend, this should be something not to be missed, so don’t delay in getting tickets which are 15 TL each and can be obtained from Carpenters (Friday) and Lambousa (Saturday) Markets or by contacting Caroline Attwood at  Tickets can also be obtained at the door but maybe it will be a bit risky as the 3 performances could well be sold out.

After the rehearsal I managed to speak to some of the members of KADS to find out a little more about them.  

Lawrie Oxley, the Director – has lived in North Cyprus for 5 years and has been associated with KADS for 3½ years, during which time he has directed a number of successful plays.   Lawrie was very much involved with amateur dramatics when he lived in the UK with St Mary’s Player in Balham, the South London Theatre Centre in Norwood and the Oast Theatre in Tonbridge, he was also involved in TV as a costume designer.

“Joining the Club” – Stephen Everett is the Chairman of KADS, he lives in Karşiyaka, and is a retired Commercial Solicitor.   Stephen has been associated with KADS for 2 years and this is the first stage production he has acted in but he has done the same play on radio.   Rezan Şekerzade is Turkish Cypriot and teaches English at the Near East University Preparatory School.  She lived in London for some years and has been back in North Cyprus for 6 years.   Rezan has been with KADS for 1 year. 

“Last Tango in Kyrenia” – Phil Lucock is well known for his amusing talks about his career as a football referee and he came to North Cyprus in 2007.  This is the first acting role he has been involved with but I must say he has a natural talent which probably comes from his experience in giving talks to large audiences.  Phil’s wife, June, is the Stage Manager and in charge of the props and she was doing a great job when there were scene changes.   Wyn Harrison is from South Africa, she has lived and worked in 7 different countries around the world and has lived in North Cyprus for 7 years. Wyn has done 5 different performances for KADS.  She has been teaching for 40 years mainly in primary and secondary education.  Wyn was interested in drama during her own school days and this has continued through her life.   Caroline and Don Attwood both sing in a chamber choir but have never acted together before, in fact this is Don’s first lengthy speaking part although he has appeared in pantomime and performed in Cinderella this year.  This is Caroline’s second role with KADS, she previously performed in Breath of Spring, she likes working backstage and has been stage manager over the years.  She has been associated with ChorusLambousa and also appeared in the production of ‘Allo ‘Allo!  Don and Caroline have lived in North Cyprus for 6/7 years and like it here very much.

Well, what more can I say!  I would recommend going along to the Girne Culture Centre Theatre for one of the performances on 28th, 29th or 30th June to see for yourself what a brilliant night’s entertainment you can have for just 15 TL.   The proceeds from the whole event are to be donated to the SOS Village and KAR, both very worthy causes.  There is so much going on in North Cyprus and this is one of the events not to be missed. 







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